14. Mar. 2023

The Play of the Year 2022 with English subtitles at the National Theatre

On Tuesday, March 21, the National Theatre of Iceland offers a performance of the play Seven Fairy Tales of Shame, with English subtitles. Seven Fairy Tales of Shame is a new play by the Icelandic playwright Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson that was awarded the Icelandic Theatre Awards Gríman as Play of the Year.


Seven Fairy Tales of Shame is a tragicomic piece that tells the story of a young police officer who, after a traumatic event, is forced to work through her life story –  her fairy tales of shame – in a desperate effort to regrain her sanity.  Seven Fairy Tales of Shame was the winner at last years Gríman , The Icelandic Theatre Awards where it received 12 nominations and won 6, including Best Director and Play of the Year.

Seven Fairy Tales of Shame is a highly praised production of a new play by Icelandic leading playwright, Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson, Seven Fairy Tales of Shame, (Sjö ævintýri um skömm) which has been repremiered following its successful run last season. The play received rave reviews and is considered a major theatrical event in Iceland and one of Iceland´s most important new playwriting for years.


About the author

Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson has been a leading dramatist in Iceland for the last few years. His award-winning plays have been featured at Festival d’Avignon, La Mousson d’été and during Island, terre de théâtre at Théâtre 13 in Paris, in Chicago, by Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw, in Rome and of course Iceland. Among his earlier plays are Grande, Blue Eyes, The Potato Eaters and Helgi Comes Apart. Currently he is writing a new play for The National Theatre.


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