Lecture – Polish theater – peasant, rural and folk themes

Description: »Polish« theater – peasant, rural and folk themes is a lecture prepared especially for the Icelandic audience, which aims to present folk culture and folk stories in Polish theatre. The lecture will be divided into three parts. The first of them will refer to the manifestations of folk culture in classical Polish playwriting (Mickiewicz, Żeromski, Wyspaiński) and the most interesting theatrical interpretations of selected works in the theater of the last century. The second part will be the answer of the present day to the same thematic scope, taking into account the most interesting popular science, philosophical, essayistic and historical items (Adam Leszczyński, Kacper Pobłocki), which had a clear impact on contemporary Polish drama, and the most interesting theatrical productions touching on aspects of folk culture and folk stories .

The third part will be a summary, opening the meeting for discussion. The audience will be asked a question – What is the »folklore« of Icelandic theater and whether the theater of Iceland presents folklore. The materials discussed in the two previous parts of the lecture should be sufficient so that the recipient is sufficiently armed for a discussion comparing the ways of presenting peasant, rural and folk themes with those familiar to the listeners from their native theatre.

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