Information for guardians and children who intend to participate in auditions for the production The Driem thief

The mission of the The National Theatre of Iceland (NTI) is that the production of Draumaþjófurinn will be a spectacular show that will captivate audiences of all ages, while also being an extremely enjoyable experience for all participants in the project.

The theater is looking for a total of twelve children to take part in the show.

All children living in Iceland between the ages of 9 – 13 are invited to participate in the auditions by submitting electronic recordings of singing, acting and dancing.
When submitting, you must enter the email address and the consent of your parents/guardian.

The artistic directors, led by the director, have the task of selecting the children most suitable for participation in the show. When choosing, many different factors are considered, based on the professional judgment of the artistic directors, the specific roles for which children are sought, which individuals are likely to meet the requirements that the work requires and enjoy participating in the adventure working in the theater.

Artistic directors review all the auditions and narrow down the number of candidates. Answers on who is selected for further participation are sent to the guardian’s email address. It will not be possible to explain to each individual the reasons behind the selection. Further auditions can either be electronic or take place at the theater.

At the end of the audition process, twelve children will be invited to participate in the show. Further details will then be presented to the children and their guardians, and a contract is made.

At all times during rehearsals and performances, chaperones will look after the children in the theater, assist them, support them and ensure their safety and well-being.

Children in shows at the NTI are paid for their participation according to a fixed rate.

Participants are expected to arrange holidays and other things around the theatre’s performance schedule. The theater strives to maintain an excellent with the children’s parents with the common goal that the children flourish during their time in the theatre.

Processing of data
The processing of data is according to the privacy policy of the National Theatre. The data submitted is stored in a secure and access-controlled site of ​​the National Theatre. Only the artistic directors of the show have access, as well as a selected group of employees of the National Theater who will review the auditions. Submissions will be deleted after the audition process is finished.  

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